Moroccan Creamy Kilim Cushion, Latifa
Moroccan Creamy Kilim Cushion, Latifa
Moroccan Kilim Cushion, Latifa

Moroccan Kilim Cushion, Latifa

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This unique Creamy Kilim cushion is hand-woven from a natural wool by berber women of the Middle Atlas of Morocco. The geometric kilim design has red, orange, white and black. A perfect boho luxe accessory to include to any modern interior and exterior.


This Creamy Kilim cushion is a derivative of the famous hand-woven Kilim carpet. Before taking the shape of a cushion, the craftpeople cut a large hand-woven piece from the Kilim carpet, in order to give life to a soft and warm ecru wool cushion. Typically an ancestral method, passed from a generation to another, to make these wonderful cushions that are robust, warm and resistant to the life hardships in the far past.

Please note, characteristics of being handmade, include colour overdyeing, textile anomalies and minor repairs.  


The kilim cushions can be professionaly dry cleaned or gently hand washed using cold water and wool wash.


- Ethically Handmade in Morocco
Made of wool 
- Zippered bottom opening for easy stuffing
- Appx. L60cm x W47cm / 24" x 18.5"

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