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Abstract Rug

      Mrirt rugs originated from the settlement of Beni Mrirt, which is located in the Middle Atlas Mountains. These rugs are incredibly dense and silky, with a high pile that gives extra warmth and feels fantastic to walk on, and are handcrafted from natural 100 % wool.
      You can beautify your living room, bedroom, and hallway with them.
      These classic rugs are designed to connect with you, excite your imagination, and add elegance to your environment, and their motif is designed to work with all colours and patterns.
      Recognisable by its unusual and colourful designs, the Azilal rugs originate from the eponymous region in Morocco. Exclusively handwoven with natural wool,
      These abstract carpets present an unusual and a wide variety of designs that illustrate the originality and creativity of Berber crafts.
      Depicting irregular shapes and coming in a wide range of colours, each Azilal carpet is a unique work of art and an invitation to share the inspiration and emotions of Berber weavers.
      3 itens

      3 itens