Moroccan Taznakht Rugs Collection - Authentic Moroccan

Taznakht rug


      The Taznakht carpets are handmade in Morocco's Atlas Mountains, in a region known for its carpet making. The rugs are about aesthetics and talent, culture, and history; thus, each thread and stitch is carefully considered. It's a rug that can be used in a living room, a bedroom, or a  sitting room, and it goes with any furniture.

      These incredible Moroccan rugs are not only of excellent quality; they are also rugs with soul and elegance, created with love, care, and dedication. Each rug is one-of-a-kind, hand-woven, and uniquely designed and is expertly crafted utilizing age-old traditional techniques to give exquisite style, luxury, and creativity to any environment.

      77 itens

      77 itens