Moroccan Cactus Silk  Blankets / Throws For sale in retails & Wholesale - Authentic Moroccan

Cactus silk throws

      The exquisite fabric known as "Cactus Silk" or "Sabra Silk" is manufactured from the Moroccan-grown agave cactus, a Natural fibre.
      For centuries, people have coveted the fabric because of its high calibre and aesthetic appeal. Sabra silk is still made by hand using methods that have been handed down through the ages. The resulting fabric is highly elastic and doesn't crease.
      Sabra silk has a vivid, almost metallic sheen that is combined with strips of chenille, wool, or cotton to create contrasting hues and textures. Since these are one-of-a-kind handmade items, each throw has a different colour scheme and pattern.
      They are perfect for bed spreads, curtains, and throws. To create a distinctive and original Moroccan look in your room, you may also use them for soft furnishings. Learn more.
      12 itens

      12 itens