The Best 10 Kitchen Island Lighting Ideas and Inspiration

We spend a significant portion of our days in our kitchens, whether it's for cooking, unpacking groceries, entertaining guests, and more. And due to such a wide range of activities we carry out in the kitchen, it is logical to say that lighting plays a vital role.

A kitchen with poor lighting makes it frustrating and even difficult to concentrate on preparing food, reading a recipe, etc., and an adequate kitchen island lighting will make all the difference.

Having pendant lighting or some other type of chandelier hanging over your island is pretty much required, as it offers a stunning aesthetic appeal as well as several functional benefits.

Best Lighting ideas for your Kitchen Island

Whether you want your kitchen island to be the centrepiece of the kitchen or provide a sufficient amount of illumination for occasional entertainment, your choice of kitchen island lighting plays a significant role in achieving your goals.

There are some factors to consider when choosing the ideal island lighting. 

First, you should consider the size of the space. It's vital to be aware of the size of your kitchen island before making any lighting selections. You can estimate how many lights will fit on the island by knowing its measurements.

Next, you analyze the functions that the space is supposed to perform. Whether the island is designed for work, cooking, socializing, meetings, or your family will eat there.

Lastly, most people make their meals in the evening, which means they need a lot of illumination. Choose what suits your situation and get the most out of it.

List of the Best Kitchen Island Lighting by Authentic Moroccan ... 

You shouldn't just purchase lamp stands without checking these out.

Twisted Brass Leaf Ceiling Light, Black Hammered

This attractive, artistic lighting enhances the boldness of your kitchen. Its shining brass finish not only looks gorgeous but artfully balances your kitchen to both gender preferences.

Authentic Moroccan - Twisted Brass Leaf Ceiling Light, Black Hammered

This inexpensive ceiling light with a leaf-like twist is suitable for a large area. Although it comes in different sizes, it is adequate for the dining, workplace, cooking, and reading areas.

Cone Pendant Lights Brass

This cone-shaped, elegantly carved lighting gives your kitchen the look and feel of richness. With its beautifully painted gold, silver, black, or bronze color, your dream kitchen comes to life.

Authentic Moroccan - Cone Pendant Lights Brass

If you wish to achieve a more lit-up workspace in a relatively large area, two of these cone pendants are sufficient. It is so perfect for the interior of your bedrooms, hallway, and meeting room.

Dome Ceiling Lights, Black with Gold Brass

This Moroccan masterpiece offers your kitchen area a taste of skillful elegance. The piece was handcrafted from an imaginative perspective to bring out the beauty of your kitchen island. 

Authentic Moroccan - Dome Ceiling Lights, Black with Gold Brass

It's designed with a dangling steel cord that faces down directly, giving the space a chic appearance. This piece gets the most out of your kitchen island, house entrance, and office space.

Drum Ceiling Light, Antiqued Brass

If your kitchen area houses two different islands, you should fix the lighting appropriately. This antiqued brass feature is like a wide drum hung overhead of each island to make its beauty pronounced. Preferably, fix one of these beautiful overheads on each island for the best result.

Drum Ceiling Light, Antiqued Black Brass - Authentic Moroccan

As an art lover, owning this ceiling light increases the aura of richness in your apartment. This classic artistry sits nicely in the kitchen, bedroom, conference room, and reading area. 

Brass Dome Ceiling Light, Hammered Black and Gold

This brass dome ceiling light makes your kitchen the highlight of the apartment. It makes it a good place to start your day and unwind daily since it's the cooking area. 

Authentic Moroccan - Brass Dome Ceiling Light, Hammered Black and Gold

The roundness of this brass allows light to pass through for wider coverage. And it's suitable for a variety of buildings once it appeals to the house owner. 

This 100% brass beauty with a gold interior and black exterior is suitable for a kitchen island, dining area, and living room.

Copper Dome Ceiling Light, Smooth

This gorgeously arranged kitchen reflects class with the ceiling light feature. Sitting elegantly on the kitchen island, the copper dome improves the glamor of the kitchen during the day. At night, it lights up the area, making it the focus of the building. 

Copper Dome Ceiling Light, Smooth

The shiny canopy chandelier is appropriate for both small and large areas. And it is effective for all parts of the house and office areas.

Dome Ceiling Light, Black Pierced Brass

The pierced ceiling light, made with 100% brass and hand perforated, is all you need to give an exquisite look to your space. It gives the required glow to your dark and dim kitchen space. 

Dome Ceiling Light, Black Pierced Brass - Authentic Moroccan

Not only does it suit every space, but it also makes bold statements of elegance through the perforated holes.

These holes enable light to pass through, apart from the opening underneath. It is useful in office spaces, meeting areas, and walkways.

Minimalist Ceiling Light, Gold Brass

This gold-hat-looking chandelier speaks volumes to art lovers. You can play it up by adding a couple of art paintings hung on the wall and a perfectly set dining table.

Cone Minimalist Ceiling Light, Gold Brass - Authentic Moroccan

Whether in wide or narrow spaces, this lamp shade beautifies the kitchen island. And it is unique in the apartments of both single and married people. 

The minimalist ceiling light is acceptable for all spaces, like the living room, meeting area, dining area, kitchen island, and office spaces.

Arabesque Globe Ceiling Light, Gold Brass

Imagine a kitchen with this unique arrangement without many extras. This arabesque beauty hanging over a white tabletop isn't a bad idea. Although it looks like a bell, arabesque is a finely carved lamp stand that suits every space.

Arabesque Globe Ceiling Light, Gold Brass - Authentic Moroccan

It's an artistically designed stand that enriches the kitchen during the day and illuminates the kitchen at night. It is suitable for offices, reading areas, living rooms, work areas, and meeting areas.

Arabesque Ceiling Light, Antique Brass

The golden-colored brass with a rough finish portrays the richness of art. It's an embodiment of elegance and class. The bell-like lampshade lightens up the mood of the room immediately after it comes on.

It is an irresistible lamp stand that brings character, charisma, and charm into the space. And it's suitable for both big and small apartments alike. 

Arabesque Ceiling Light, Antique Brass - Authentic Moroccan


It was designed to fit into the preferences of both male and female genders in the space arrangement. And of course, you can fit it into your office space, entrance, reading area, and kitchen island.

Final Thought

Kitchen island lights have a way of connecting to people's emotions since they are art. These emotions will guide your buying process. And be sure to only buy from trusted sources.

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