Types of Moroccan Tribal Rugs - All You Need To Know And Why They Are A Perfect Choice.

One of the most common misconceptions regarding Berber rugs is that there are just a few different types. However, there are dozens, if not hundreds, in actuality! Each of Morocco's Amazigh (Berber) tribes produces its own rug types, and there are over 40 of them. There may be more than one style made within the tribes.

All genuine Moroccan rugs are Berber rugs handcrafted by Moroccan Berber tribes. They were created for practical uses in the past, and they are still used in this fashion now. 

The styles may differ based on where the tribe resides. For example, nomadic tribes in the Sahara will have different requirements than tribes who live in the cold weather region of the High Atlas.

It may be difficult to list all of the different types of Berber rugs that exist, but I'll bring to light a few of the most common rug types that you will likely come across and fall in love with. 

Below are a few lists of the best Berber rugs you can find today:

1. Beni Ourain rug

    Beni Ourain rug has grown extremely popular in Western regions in the past few years. You've probably seen these in stores and on interior design feeds.

    Beni Ourain rugs are stunning in any setting, and there is so much to admire about them. Additionally, the history and tale behind these Beni Ourain rugs give them a real feel, instantly adding personality to your space.

    These stunning rugs have the capacity to blend Moroccan traditions with contemporary interior design to create truly spectacular settings.

    Vintage Beni Ouarain rug


    History of Beni Ourain rug

    The origins of this rug's story can be traced back to the Berber tribes of the Middle Atlas Mountains in Morocco's Taza area. These tribes' sheep are noted for producing the world's finest wool owing to its exceptionally soft texture.

    These rugs were primarily intended to be used as mattresses and blankets during the colder months. They were weaved by the Beni Ourain tribal women specifically, and each rug has a free-flowing pattern that symbolizes their existence and stories.

    Every Beni Ourain rug has a unique narrative to tell; thus, no two rugs are the same. They are one-of-a-kind and regarded as a work of art.

    Where are Beni Ourain rugs made from?

    Beni Ourain rugs are made from a special breed of sheep. The Atlas Mountains are located where distinctive sheep can be found. This sheep breed is smaller in size, and they supply the exceptional high-quality wool that distinguishes Beni Ourain rugs. These sheep can still be found roaming Morocco's harsh Middle Atlas Mountains these days.

    What makes Beni Ourain rugs so special? 

    If you like rugs from remote locations, then Beni Ourain rugs will appeal to you. The ability of these beautiful rugs is remarkable. They link the nomadic Berber tribes' rich history with contemporary interiors, bringing a piece of Morocco's grandeur into your home.

    All of their creators' lives are a component of the process. These rugs are mainly made by women who incorporate pieces from their personal life into the designs in a unique way. These could be references to natural occurrences. For instance, you'll occasionally see scenes from everyday life. Birth,  nature, fertility, and femininity have all been featured in designs of these exceptional area rugs. 

    Where to Buy authentic Beni Ourain Rugs

    My company, Authentic Moroccan, has the most stunning variety of handcrafted Beni Ourain rugs for sale, from the recent made to the authentic vintage. Each one-of-a-kind piece of art was discovered only after visiting the Beni Ourain region's weavers. Apart from the ancient historical art it will bring into your home, the proceeds from your purchase will help support the Beni Ourain people.

    2. Azilal rug

      Azilal rugs are a style of Berber rug knotted horizontally with a gridded line of knots and produced from pure sheep wool interwoven with cotton.

      Azilal carpets are gaining popularity as a fashionable alternative to the more well-known Beni Ourain rugs. It's worth noting that this attractive textile tribal variety was unknown to the market until the latter half of the twentieth century.

      Their wool is finer, resulting in a glossy, almost cloth-like finish. They feature simple geometric forms and patterns with dashes of brilliant colours on a cream basis.

      Let's delve even further into the history of these amazing masterpieces, as well as the maker, what makes them special, and how they're created.



      History of Azilal rugs

      Azilal rugs are made in Morocco, specifically in the rocky Azilal region of the High Atlas highlands northeast of Marrakesh, as its name suggests.

      Azilal carpets are created from virgin raw wool by mixing prepared patterns of one single knotted thread, and one or two woven lines, per a cultural practice passed down through centuries by mothers to their daughters.

      Global recognition

      Azilal rugs are displayed as works of art in galleries all over the world. Artists like Le Corbusier, Matisse, and Paul Klee were greatly inspired by this amazing area rug's uniqueness and graphic intensity.

      Magnificent Azilal rugs, with their breath-taking designs and styles, are currently being used to complete the interior decor of homes as floor covering in western countries. Because of their brilliant and cheerful colours, they provide warmth and a welcoming accent to every home.

      Where Are Azilal Rugs Made?

      Azilal Moroccan rugs are specifically designed and created by Berber tribe women in Azilal Morocco. They are primarily utilized for residential reasons, and their unique floor covering designs have a lot of shapes and colour variants.

      What Makes Azilal Rugs So Special?

      Azilal carpets are one-of-a-kind because of the native patterns that use traditional nomadic Berber tribal colour palettes and motifs. The weaving methods passed down through the generations differ slightly from those utilized to make Beni Ourain rugs.

      Using all-natural tinted wool and colourful cotton threads, each rug is adorned with vibrant colours. The rug's base and back are typically cream or white, complementing the natural colour of the undyed wool.

      Where to Buy authentic Moroccan Azilal Rugs ?

      Authentic Moroccan has the most beautiful collection of handcrafted Moroccan Azilal rugs available for purchase. Each one-of-a-kind artwork was discovered only after visiting the weavers in the Azilal region. The proceeds from your purchase will help sustain the Azilal people besides the ancient historical art it will bring into your home.

      3. Taznakht rug

      Taznakht rugs are handwoven in Morocco utilizing traditional processes and excellent wool quality, with various authentic Amazigh designs. These rugs have a distinct design and colour palette, which is predominantly earthy. Because these women do not have a precise design to adopt, they get creative by incorporating significant motifs and sometimes even Amazigh letters to enrich the tale they are conveying in their rugs, a story that only the women who design them know and understand.



      History of Taznakht rugs

      Taznakht rugs, also known as Ait Ouaouzguite rugs, are made in the high Atlas region between Ouarzazate and Taznakht of Morocco, known for its saffron culture. The rug is made from sheep wool and is handwoven and threaded with natural colours, including menthe, saffron, and henna. The rugs can be utilized during winter or summer on the floor or against the wall. Taznakht has been one of the most popular and profitable rug-making regions in the Atlas Mountains' southern slopes since 1940.


      What makes Taznakht rugs so special?

      Taznakht area rugs are recognized for their grandeur and will keep you delighted all through the seasons, owing to their thick and flawless texture. You'll notice the magnificent, rugged, and royal presence of a Taznakht Rug as soon as you place it on the floor. This particular sort of Moroccan Berber Rugs will charm the atmosphere with their vivid, powerful, and warm colours, in addition to their utile characteristic.


      Worldwide recognition

      Taznakht rugs are well-known for being utilized in households all over the world, particularly in Western countries. This masterpiece is extensively utilized as interior decor for homes, workplaces, businesses, and schools worldwide because of its unique design, variety of colours, and durability.

      Where to Buy authentic Moroccan Taznakht rugs

      You can check Authentic Moroccan and order from the most beautiful selection of handcrafted Taznakht rugs for sale. Aside from bringing ancient historical art into your home, the revenues from your purchase will go to sustain the Taznakht people.

      4. Flatweave area rugs

      Kilim rugs are handmade in the greatest culture of nomadic people from the Middle East to Central Asia, utilizing pure soft cotton. Kilim adds an attractive ornamental element to room decor with its renewed tribal-inspired designs and brilliant colours.

      Even though kilim rugs are sometimes included in the broader category of "oriental rugs”, kilims are generally considered to be different.


      History of Kilim rugs

      The origins of the kilim rug can be traced back to nomadic peoples in Turkey's Anatolia region. Anatolia, located between the Black and Mediterranean oceans, is considered one of the great crossroads of ancient cultures.

      The nomads used and still use Kilims as saddle blankets, wall decorations, seat mats, and blankets rather than rugs. Many of the shapes and symbols found in Turkish kilim today can be traced back to this time.

      What makes Kilims so special?

      Kilim rugs are distinguished by their geometric motifs, which are both simple and bold. They're also known as 'slit-woven' fabrics' and are appealing because they showcase geometric shapes and give the design a 'high-definition' look.

      The majority of kilims are brilliantly coloured and long-lasting, making them ideal for accents in the home. Kilims and their styles are ideal for those who appreciate sharp, contrasting geometric patterns or sharp, bold colours.


      How are Kilim Rugs Made?

      Moroccan kilims come in various patterns and materials, depending on the tribe. And only highly skilled weavers can make the kilims as it requires a level of precision and details. They can be made entirely of wool, wool and cotton, or cactus silk (sabra) and cotton. The key distinguishing feature of these rugs is their flat weave.

      Wool and cotton blends are used in the making of the majority of kilims since they are organic and what the local weaver has on hand. 

      Where to Buy Authentic Kilims Flatweave Rugs ?

      Authentic Moroccan is the best place to order the most beautiful selection of handcrafted Kilims rugs. We have a wide selection of flatweave rugs you will truly love to have in your home.


      5. Beni Mrirt Rugs 

      Mrirt rugs are known for their gentle geometric motifs and minimalistic elegance and are handcrafted from pure organic wool. The Berber women use a metal comb to pack the wool on the vertical loom, resulting in a fine and smooth texture that feels lovely on foot.

      Beni Mrirt rugs are available in a variety of colors and styles to complement any home design, from bohemian to modern, while also adding a Moroccan flair. They're soft and inviting, and their rich texture makes them perfect for your living room, bedroom, workplace, nursery, and any other space in your house.

      A Beni Mrirt rug is the perfect pick for you if you want a rug that is both classic and contemporary.


      History of Beni Mrirt Rugs

      Mrirt carpets, also known as Beni Mrirt rugs, are made in the Middle Atlas mountain region of Mrirt. Because they continue to entice interior designers and enthusiasts alike, Beni Mrirt carpets are sometimes referred to as noble rugs. Historically, the Mrirt region possesses readily available mineral deposits that have been tended for millennia. The town of Mrirt served as a trading hub for both the mineral reserves and the tribal rugs. Mrirt rugs were named after the region from which they originated.

      How are Beni Mrirt rugs made?

      The Atlas Berber craftswomen use a metal comb to pack the wool on their vertical loom, giving it a fine and velvety texture. The woven rug will, in fact, allow the use of polyester, polypropylene, and, on rare occasions, wool with a specialized weaving method. Mrirt Rugs appeal to interior designers and rug enthusiasts because of their individuality as well as the high quality of their creation.

      Where to buy authentic Beni Mrirt rugs

      You'll find the most exquisite selection of handcrafted Beni Mrirt rugs for sale at Authentic Moroccan. Aside from the ancient historical art it will bring into your home, the proceeds from your purchase will go towards helping the Berber people.

      6. Runner Area Rugs

      Runner rugs are one of the most well-known rug styles. They basically fill in the gaps in the house. These rugs connect different regions of your house and give it the appearance of being a "house." They come in a variety of styles and colours, but they all have the same shape. Runner rugs are longer than they are wide. Besides, they don't have the same shape as regular carpets and are quite distinct.

      Runner rugs are rectangular in shape, narrow, and long and are meant to fit into those tricky areas where a standard-size rectangular rug simply won't fit. These floor coverings are created from a variety of materials and have a wide range of designs. Runners are typically 2 to 3 feet broad and can be anything from 4 to 12 feet long. You're guaranteed to find a runner that complements your space and lifestyle as they come in a wide choice of colours and materials.


      What makes Runners rugs so special?

      Runners have been popular all over the world since they work well with a variety of décor choices to fill in the gaps in small living spaces or to evoke the fantasy of expanding a certain zone.  If you want to add comfort, depth, excellence,  and warmth to your hallways, bedroom, and entryways, runners' rugs are the perfect choice for your home, regardless of style or size!


      Why you should need runners rugs ?

      We've put together a list of all the reasons why you should get a runner rug for your home as soon as possible. You can use runner rugs in the following ways.

      • For decoration
      • Make sure the floors are safe.
      • Connect different parts of your house.
      • Visitors and guests can be guided through the house using runner rugs. They can be utilized to lead people, especially visitors, around your house and direct them to specific locations.
      Where Can I Get A Custom Runner Rug?

      It can be challenging to find the right runner rug for the home. This is due to the fact that each of our spaces is distinctive, making it difficult to discover the ideal size for that narrow hallway we have. However, at Authentic Moroccan, we also offer custom-size rugs that you will adore for your home. You can contact us to discuss the specifications of the custom runner you want. 


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