Moroccan Lamps, The Essential Part of Arabesque Decoration

If you want to create an oriental mood at home, you will require a few decorating accessories. The Moroccan lantern is one of the must-haves for a full-fledged Moroccan Riad experience.

Authentic Moroccan Lighting WholesaleFor a long time, Moroccan lamps have been a remarkable home décor concept, and there are several reasons for this. In fact, this lamp provides a mellow, soft, and warm mood in any living space. It comes in a variety of styles depending on where you choose to put it: in the bedroom, the living room, or even the exterior of your house.

Moroccan lamps are considered one of the most visually pleasing elements of décor anyone could have. They're all the right combination of ambience and rustic charm. In all of their magnificence, these Moorish lights can become the centre point of any room.

Moroccan and Turkish lamps offer a similar ambience in a home; however, they differ in material composition and vary in origin. While the formal is made of metal, the latter is mainly made of glass.

Moroccan lamp is uncommon yet distinct in that it is influenced by Moroccan history, culture, and art. This lighting fixture incorporates the geometrical patterns, vivid colours, and exotic motifs that have long been associated with Moroccan décor. When placed on your porch or in your living room, you can be sure that its creative structure will reflect Moroccan culture and history in your home.

History of Moroccan brass lamps

Moroccan lights are inspired by Moroccan and Moorish architectural styles. Morocco, located on Africa's northwest coast, has been around for ages. Because of Morocco's strategic location between Africa, Europe, and Asia, the region has been influenced by a variety of cultures over the years.

Because of its location, it has absorbed cultural influences from Sub-Saharan Africa, Europe, Arab, and Persia. As a result, Morocco has been able to serve as a "cultural conduit" for its amalgamation.

This amalgamation, as they choose to call it, perfectly reflects the distinctive design of Moroccan Lamps & Lanterns. Moroccan lights, along with other architectural treasures and marvels, are thought to have been transported to India by Mughal emperors.

Moroccan lanterns gained a foothold in the city of Moradabad and were established by Rustam Khan in 1625 AD under the reign of Shah Jahan. Moradabad is also called the "Brass City" or "Pital Nagri."

This artwork flourished in India thanks to the well-known brass handicrafts sector. Because of these origins, so many items, particularly Moroccan lamps, have spread throughout the world. We now have the opportunity to appreciate the essential brass and metal artwork that Moroccan culture has spread across the globe due to these early years.

By the 1830s, the Bohemian art movement in France had absorbed medieval and oriental fashion and decorative motifs, and the Moroccan and Bohemian lifestyles had evolved into their kind of establishment. 

Moroccan Pouffes and Moroccan Lighting Fixtures, with their hypnotic multicoloured textiles and designs, have grown increasingly popular in the same age, with their unique designs and relaxing colours that blend in seamlessly with the bohemian art traits and European decorating style.

How Moroccan brass lamps are made

Moroccan lamps are beautiful because of the high-quality materials utilized in their creation and the talent and creativity of the artisans who design and make them. Since mechanization plays such a small role in the manufacturing process, each Moroccan lighting fixture is a one-of-a-kind work of art. While some aspects of manufacturing must be kept between the master artisan and the apprentice, there are three fundamental techniques for creating these exquisite lanterns:

  • “Serrouj” : The Fretsaw craft technique

Artisan handcrafting brass moroccan lamp - Authentic Moroccan

The primary raw material is 100% pure brass. In this method, the artisans start with a big sheet of solid brass that has been hand cut into the individual components they want to design. The overall design of the many lamp varieties will be influenced by the size and shape of every single element. After that, the artisans create a paper frame that will be used in the design process. After adhering the paper frame to the cut-out brass sheet, the artisans will begin cutting using a small traditional cutting tool similar to the mini fretsaw.

Next, the artisans sculpt the design by hammering the brass to generate small dents. After that, they shape the craft with the big hammer into small pieces. Finally, each piece will be welded together to complete the craft and make it ready to use.

For the exquisite pattern creation, each sheet has the design stencilled and then hand pierced and sawn using quality jewellers' saws.

  • “Tekhrame”: The Hammer craft method

Moroccan artisan crafting the brass lamp - Authentic Moroccan

This technique is an easier and less expensive making process, as it requires less precision. In this method, the artisans use the brass sheet already fashioned into small triangles, using canvas, based on the end product in mind. Next, they will hammer the small triangle-shaped craft and polish the finished product with a machine, making it ready for use.




  • “Holes”: The needle hammer technique

Moroccan lamp wholesale

This method also involves some meticulous processes, and the time and effort committed to it by skilled craftsmen varies, depending on the size of the product. Here, artisans cut out the brass shape they want to use. After that, they use a hammer and needles to make holes over the brass sheet, making it into their desired design and making it ready for us

Moroccan Lamps Vs. Turkish Lamps

First and foremost, as their names indicate, the two lamps have very distinct origins. The second and perhaps most important distinction is found in material details employed in the design and crafting processes. Turkish lights are primarily composed of glass created by cutting colored glass into geometrical forms and assembling them in a unique pattern. On the other hand, Moroccan lamps are made entirely of brass and have holes in the patterns.

Additionally, Moroccan lamps are the best and more durable since they are made of solid brass. Besides, the lamps are not off-the-shelf machine-made pieces; they feature 100% handcrafted designs. Finally, since the lighting fixtures are made entirely of pure brass, they stand no risk of rust - these are products that will last a lifetime.


Moroccan Lamps Vs. Egyptian Lamps

Like Morocco, Egypt has a rich culture that has inspired a wealth of modern designs, including the magnificent Egyptian-inspired lighting fixtures. Each lamp in this collection is handcrafted using traditional artisan methods and features intricate designs. Egyptian lamps are mostly manufactured utilizing the holes technique, as opposed to Moroccan lamps, which use a variety of techniques. Furthermore, Egyptian lamps are limited in terms of design and style, but Moroccan lamps are available in a wide range of designs and styles you can choose for your home adornment.

Moroccan Lamp Ideas For Your Home

Here are some suggestions for how you can incorporate Moroccan lighting into your home:

Living Room

Moroccan wall sconce in modern living room - Authentic Moroccan

Incorporating a Moroccan lamp is a terrific way to bring character and style to your living space. Especially this breath-taking Moorish wall sconce. They're not only exquisite works of art, but they're also wonderful conversation starters!


Brass dome lamps hammered black over kitchen island - Authentic Moroccan

Incorporating them into your kitchen is yet another excellent and distinctive idea. Nothing beats these beautiful dome lamps dangling above your head for setting the ambience during cooking time.


You may, for example, install Moroccan lamps throughout your outdoor garden to illuminate the pathway leading up to your door or patio. They could even be utilized as modest yet lovely outdoor lighting for an evening banquet.


Moroccan Lamp in Bedroom - Authentic Moroccan

Finally, these lamps can be beautiful compliments to any area, including your bedroom or a guest house. This would undoubtedly enhance the quality of anyone's stay.

Where Can You Buy Moroccan Lighting?

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