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Sabra, also known as cactus silk, is the newest big thing in Morocco. You can't look at a social media hashtag for Moroccan handcrafts decor for long without seeing a Sabra rug or Sabra pillow. In fact, everyone is currently trying to include Sabra's products in their product lines, from small stores to large corporations like Restoration Hardware and Home Improvement.

Sabra products are highly popular as they capture people's imaginations of what Morocco is like. This lovely Moroccan fabric is primarily used to produce rugs and pillows, which may lend a touch of bohemianism to any room. We're sure you're interested in learning more about it because of its unusual texture and gleaming impact.

What Exactly Is Sabra Or Cactus Silk?


Sabra is a fabric manufactured from vegetable fibres, which is why it's also known as cactus silk or vegetable silk. This exceptionally lustrous and silky thread is produced from the Aloe Vera plant or the agave (a type of cactus indigenous to Morocco that is also found in Mexico).

To manufacture cactus silk thread, the plant's fibres are harvested, spun, and then woven, after which the thread is dyed in various colours. The coloured thread is then loomed by Fairtrade artists in Morocco, who have acquired their trade from generations of artisans. Each toss is one-of-a-kind, and no two throws are alike. Although they may appear the same, the colour combinations used to produce each throw will vary.

Because the fibres have a triangle portion, they give the fabric that sparkling look that adds to its allure; they act as light-reflecting prisms. This is precisely what distinguishes this 100% natural fabric with the sparkle of silk without even being silk.

What Are the Uses of Sabra or Cactus Silk?

The most typical usage for this lovely silky fabric is to make rugs, throws and pillows for a bohemian look in your home. Sabra, or vegetable silk, is used in a variety of Moroccan handicrafts, including weaving, cushions, bolsters, bedspreads, textiles, floor mats, canapés, wraps, and even elegant clothes and jewellery.

Despite the fact that the fabric is silk, it can even be machine washed at 30 degrees or dry cleaned if desired.

It's a lovely fabric that can be used in a variety of ways. The throws can be used to cover a bed, a couch, or an armchair, or they can be hung on the wall as well.

As you could expect, each of these items is extremely soft and pleasant to the touch. 


What is it about Sabra Cactus Silk that makes it so special?

Cactus silk is made using a centuries-old hand-weaving process, making it one of the silkiest and shiniest materials you'll ever touch and use. As a result, true authentic Sabra may be difficult to come by.

The fibres from the Agave cactus are removed by crushing and soaking the leaves, then spun by hand into silk threads. Most manufacturers try to keep Sabra as natural as possible; thus, natural vegetable dyes are used to create lovely and brilliant colours in cactus silk goods.

The dyed and dried cactus silk fibres are weaved by hand on looms, which takes a long time and demands a wealth of skills.

Cactus silk has enormous potential in the textile industry because of its rich history, traditional hand-weaving manufacturing, and silky and soft texture.

Why is Sabra an excellent choice for your home?

For a stunning sabra combination in your rooms, you can choose the fabric for your curtains and complementing bedspread, as well as the coverings for your bolsters and cushions. Your room will be comparable to those seen in Riads or Hotels, where the Sabra is always accented by extremely lovely beanbags. Sabra bags are also available; this soft yarn makes people feel good. 

The Sabra is no longer unknown to you; all that remains is for you to see it in person to appreciate its brilliance and beauty.


Where can you purchase Sabra products from?

You will find beautiful collections of Cactus Silk Pillows Cushion, Throws, and Blankets in our selection that are sure to entice you. You can rely on us for a traditional Moroccan interior design!

Besides that, be mindful that by purchasing products from Authentic Moroccan, you support fair trade and artisanal work in Morocco, which sustains many families. Authentic Moroccan has a large collection of Cactus Silk Pillows and Blankets, as well as other Sabra goods that you can order today. You'll undoubtedly have a great time shopping with us!


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